Our Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Our cookie policy is in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act of 25 July 2003.

A “Cookie” is small text file, stored on your computer by websites you visit.

These files contain personal information such as your username which helps us to identify, track, and fulfil our services.

Cookies take almost no space on your computer, and contain no viruses, adware, or malware and consist only of text.

In addition to this, there are two types of cookies, “Session Cookies” and “Persistent Cookies”.

The most frequently used is the Session Cookie.

These are used during your visit to our website.

When you land on our page, our server will assign you a unique session cookie to identify you from other visitors.

This Session Cookie will never be stored permanently on your computer and is deleted, once you leave our website and close your browser.

To fully use our website, please enable cookies on your browser.

Persistent cookies are kept on your browser’s subfolder, until you delete your cookies, manually.

Persistent cookie is used to track how you move around and interact with our website, used primarily to enhance user experience and to offer improved service and support.

On our website, we use persistent cookies to control your shopping cart and collect statistics to enhance our service and product.

These cookies contain a unique identifier and have no connection to your private information. They can also be deleted.


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